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Team Brean Awards 2023 - The Results

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Our 7th annual Team Brean awards took place at Tavern, Brean Leisure Park to say thank you and reward our team for a job well done during 2023.

The team awards are designed to reward achievement across the year and recognise efforts in all areas and at all levels within the business.

Over 170 team members attended the evening across all areas of the business.

Long service awards were given our first for team members achieving milestones in 5-year blocks.

Our long-service team members are a mixture of people who have progressed through the ranks since joining #teambrean. A testament of there being great career opportunities and stable employment within the leisure industry.

On to the awards...

The categories were Service Excellence, Rising Star, Top Performer, Un-Sung Hero, Top Player, Team Member of the Year and The Bert House Award, an award in memory of the founder of our family business, Bert House.

Service Excellence Award

This award recognises a high and consistent level of service being given.

The runner-up for this award is someone who gives great service with a smile to our guests and connects with every customer they serve whilst continually upselling and promoting. They are a great role model for what excellent service looks like.

Jacob - RJ's

The winner of the Service Excellence Award 2023 consistently provides great service to our guests, is very approachable and does everything to ensure the guest is having a great experience as well as receiving many online mentions in guest reviews. Nothing is too much trouble and they always strive for the best from themself and those around them.

Sally - Brean Country Club

Accepted on behalf of Sally by her Manager.

Rising Star Award

Recognising the potential for growth and development within the Company. This award is for someone who may have recently moved into a new role or shows potential for learning and development. Someone who always shares a positive attitude and has the potential to be a real star.

The runner-up for our Rising Star award is someone who has moved departments this year and quickly was promoted as a team leader. They show great enthusiasm for their role and to learn and develop more

Immy - Holiday Resort Unity Reception

The winner of the Rising Star Award for 2023 is someone who has put in a tremendous effort to hit the ground running in their role. They have developed into the role across the season and are learning all the time.

Mel - RJs

Team Player Award

This award is for someone who contributes to our team Brean values, and is likely to maintain a strong connection with their peers.

Runner-up for team player is someone who is always happy to help in any venue, taking up extra shifts to cover where needed, is popular amongst their peers and demonstrates what being a true team player is all about.

Crystal - Breakers

The winner of this award is clearly the people's choice receiving nominations from 3 different departments. One nominee quoted they are the master of helping out. They are dependable and willing to help their team no matter the circumstances and demonstrate an invaluable level of teamwork.

Lee - Estates

Top Performer Award

This award is open to anyone who has exceeded objectives or targets in an exemplary manner.

The runner-up is someone who consistently performs to a high standard, they always give 100% in everything they do and constantly motivate the team to do the same. Always engaging with our guests and upselling at every opportunity.

Jago - Rjs

The winner of the Top Performer Award 2023 has outstanding commitment to their role and department, has had challenges to overcome across the year but has faced them head on and come out on top form in working towards their targets and objectives.

Kelly - Reception & Reservations

Team Member of the Year Award

This award is selected from our employee of the month award winners across the year.

Clare - Arcade & Cashier

The winner of the employee of the year is someone who took on additional responsibilities this year, has helped out in other departments in time of need, and came in on their day off to improve the appearance of an area for our guests. They genuinely care about their team.

Un-sung hero Award

This award is for someone who has gone beyond the call of duty for either a one-off event or series of actions or knuckles down, doesn't cause a fuss and may not be recognised by other team members for a job well done.

A runner-up for this award is someone who just gets on with their job, is willing to do extra to support the team in the area that they work, will come in short notice to cover other areas and their standard of work is really good.

Lesley - Cleaning

The winner of an un-sung hero is someone who will do whatever is asked of them, goes above and beyond to help others, doesn’t always have the nicest of tasks to complete but never moans and is a true un-sung hero.

Terry - Maintenance

Team of the Year award

This award may be a team that achieves the highest standards, meeting or exceeding budgets and customer feedback. They will be a close-knit group who really look after each other and work together to achieve great things in both good and tough times

Team of the year this year goes to a team that through no fault of their own didn’t quite reach their financial target, and also again through no fault of their own dealt with a turnover of the team but still achieved great results, especially with regards to advanced bookings for next years and levels not previously seen


The Bert House Award

This award encompasses our ethos and everything HRU & Team Brean and is awarded by Alan and Sarah House to recognise the contribution made to the business.

The award is named after Bert House who founded the business in 1946

The winner of the Bert House Award 2023 is someone who wears different hats in many areas of the business and they live and breathe our team brean ethos. At every themed period, there is a different costume, a presence at our main charity fundraising events, and even a performance in the panto whilst doing their main job in reception

Sara - Holiday Resort Unity Reception

Summarising the evening Sarah House Resort Director commented 'Our awards now in their 7th year have grown in popularity and give every person in any role the opportunity to be recognised for their contribution and efforts. Almost every department across the business had someone who achieved great things during 2023. Each and every one of the team helped our guests ensure they had a great holiday with us. Well done to all the nominees and award winners. Our awards event is a great way to end the Summer season and say a big thank you!'

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