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Sarah House

Company Director

What is your area of responsibility?

I look after HR and health and safety holding a degree level qualification in health and safety, both of which are crucial aspects within a business.


How long have you been in business?

24 years. In the early days fitting in part-time jobs around school and college, which then became full time after undertaking qualifications in marketing and health and safety.


Tell us about a typical day?

No day is the same in the leisure industry. As always there are emails and messages to respond to but I try to get out in the business as much as possible to see what's going on. When you are dealing with the public it is all about service and standards and these need to be consistent in all business areas for it to work.


What's the secret to a successful family business?

Our team members are our greatest asset. Without them, we cannot operate and be a success. It's important we engage, support and retain them to ensure continued business success.


We have to keep looking to see how we improve as you always can. Involve your managers and teams on the improvement journey. To say you can't or don't bother to try does not lead to efficiency or success.

Reinvestment in the business leads to improvement and growth. We are always looking ahead to see what can we do next. The competitive edge is maintained by keeping the business offering fresh and dynamic.


What opportunities does the leisure industry provide?

A career for life! And we have examples of just this from people joining us as a student holiday job to becoming part of our Senior Management Team and attaining professional qualifications along the way. One of the best things is seeing our team develop their career, learn new skills and gain confidence.


We are also many industries in one providing a huge range of working areas from gas engineers and plumbers to accountants and sales we have a wide range of business areas.


Working with the public can be very satisfying. We get to play a small part in someone’s holiday or day out and that can be very special. Seeing our guests with a smile on their faces, taking that little action to create that magic can go such a long way.


How can I find out more about careers at Team Brean?

Read our blogs to see our Company news. Get in touch with Teresa our recruitment & training officer on, or visit our dedicated recruitment website



Holiday Resort Unity Recruitment and
Training Officer

Hi, my name is Teresa and my role is to look after recruitment and Training at the Holiday Resort.

I have been here just under 3 years and have thoroughly enjoyed my time working with the team and helping them with recruitment and promoting the training we have available.

My background has always been in Holiday Parks and I have many years’ of experience in Human Resources, Recruitment and Training, as well as Customer Services.

I love people and have a passion for Training and giving people opportunities, and hope this is something I can work more on in the coming months/years. We have built good links with Local Colleges, and Training Providers, and have been offering Apprenticeships and different training opportunities in many different areas to our Employees.

We are also working with our local schools and colleges offering work placements, which give students a good insight into the fantastic opportunities that are on offer in the Leisure Industry, and we have had many successes in being able to offer work opportunities, leading on to Apprenticeships for them.

The Leisure Industry is an interesting and exciting place to work. It is not like your average role, it is fun and you get great job satisfaction helping to make Memories for our Holiday Makers. There are so many different roles at the Holiday Resort, that there really is something for everyone. Whether you are just starting out on your Career, in the height of it, or getting ready to retire and looking for some part time hours. It really offers you so many opportunities to use your skills or to learn some new ones.


So, why not give it a try and see what we have got to offer!

Kelly Davidson

Kelly Davison​

Holiday Resort Unity Reception Manager

I started working for the company as a Seasonal Receptionist in 2007, and have been the Reception Manager for the past two years.

How has your role progressed since you started?

When I first joined the company I worked as a seasonal receptionist throughout University for 3 years, then I went travelling for 6 months. After travelling I was able to come back as a receptionist for a season later that year I was able to have the opportunity to take part in a graduate programme. This enabled me to work in every department on site, I was able to work along the managers to see how they run the department and how departments work together.


After this year programme the House family was able to create a Guest service co-ordinator role for me. During this role I was able to concentrate on developing the sites level of customer service within all departments. After a few years in that role I was given the opportunity to become the Reception and Customer Service Manager, I now manage my own team in the holiday park reception and still have an active role in helping developing customer service.

What are your main responsibilities?

I help develop reception staff members to be the best that they can, help customers with feedback or complaints, complete inductions, dealing with seasonal pitch owners.

What do you like most about your job? Watching the reception team develop over the season and become more confident and successful with tasks.

What opportunities are there in reception? If you want to succeed in reception and work up the 'ladder' there are always opportunities to progress, the more you put in the more you get out of it. When working in reception not only do you gain confidence and adapt your skill sets you also become part of a family.





Holiday Resort Unity Reservations Team

How long did it take you to complete your apprenticeship?

It took me just under 2 years to complete the course.

How will you apply what you have learnt to your job?

I learnt various information and skills whilst doing this course, things that I will be able to apply within my job role are how to communicate with customers in different ways (e.g. online customer chat, emails and over the phone) this will help me as I am now able to collect the correct information from customer help with questions, queries or bookings. I have also learnt about the rules and regulations on the new GDPR (data protection act), needing to collect the correct information but also making sure customer are happy with us storing their details on the system so that we are able to get in touch with them in the future.

But most of all making sure that customers are aware that I am more than happy to help them at all times, making sure I can do everything I can to help. Making customers experience from the very first call when making their holiday booking.


What support did you receive?

My apprenticeship was worked based meaning an assessor from the college regularly visited me at work to see how I was getting on, to offer advice and also complete practical assessments of my work. My manager and employer supported me the whole way and fully funded the apprenticeship. Now I have finished the qualification I receive an enhanced rate of pay. 

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