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Preparing for your first day at work?

Finished your exams and heading to the big wide world of work then follow our tips to make your first day both exciting and relaxed.

1. Do your research to learn about the company before you start

- Check out their website.

- Look at customer reviews to give you an idea about what they think about the company and service given

- Refer to your welcome email (when you join #teambrean you will receive an informative email welcoming you and giving you important information you need to know)

This will give you a head start on your first day as you will already have an understanding of the products and services offered by your new employer.

2. Be prepared

- Organise what you need to take on your first day. This could include ID, bank details and what clothes you will wear.

- Make sure you know the time you are starting, who you are meeting and where.

3. Get a good night sleep

Try not to be nervous, it was everyone's first day at some point. Set your alarm of its SB early start so you don't over sleep.

4. Your first day

- Allow plenty of time to get there. Allow for traffic and to park. Don't catch the bus that gets there just in time.

- Create a positive first impression by arriving at least 5 minutes before your meeting time.

- Try to relax and enjoy it.

5. Don't be afraid to ask

Have confidence to ask if you are not sure. Asking questions helps you learn. If something doesn't feel right or safe it probably isn't so always ask a colleague or supervisor.

Welcome to the world of work.

We have a range of positions at #teambrean to get you started or to create a career in the leisure industry. Check out our current vacancies at



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