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A staggering amount of money has been raised by the team and customers at Holiday Resort Unity & Brean Leisure Park during 2023. 


As well as supporting other local charities throughout the year, our main charity supporter for 2023 has been Action Medical Research.

The charity is on a mission to save and change children’s lives through medical research, developing treatments, vaccinations and cures.


Fundraising activities across the year included a 10hr Race to Sun challenge in the Brecon Beacons where a team of 4 team members biked hiked and cannoed before the sun went down. Pictured with the cheque are our four team members who took part in Race to the Sun,  Ali, Dave, Sarah & Kieran.

We also had a car boot sale featuring items from our previous year's lost property as well as a 2nd hand sale in Brean Play, a fun day at Brightholme Holiday Park & several raffles with our holiday guests. 


Sarah House, Director and one of the team who took part in the Race the Sun challenge commented “We have had lots of fun raising money for such an important charity and I am sure the funds will be put to good use. We enjoy getting our team and guests involved and value the need to support others in need via charity support. We would like to thank everyone who sponsored us and took part in our fundraising activities. Charity fundraising as a business is important to us to help the community. We aim to support a number of charities across the year’ 


During 2024 our main charity will be a Somerset-based charity of which we asked our team members to nominate and choose a shortlist of 3. I am pleased to announce that we are raising funds for BARB, and our main event will be a 4-day cycle challenge from Venice to Millan


More information on the charity Action Medical Research 


30% of children with a rare disease will lose their lives before their fifth birthday. With your help, we can develop treatments and cures to tackle rare diseases that devastate children’s lives. Help fund vital research.


Each year, around 55,000 babies in the UK are born preterm and sadly more than 1,000 babies die as a result of being born too soon. 


And for those that do survive being born too soon, they have an increased risk of cerebral palsy, visual impairment, hearing loss and learning difficulties.


Action Medical Research is a community of passionate individuals who are committed to fighting for children’s lives. We fight for some of the toughest fights our children face.


In the UK almost 4,000 children and young people under 25 are diagnosed with cancer every year. We are funding research to try and improve the chances and treatment for children with brain tumours and cancer.


For more information on the charity click here 



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