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Introducing our New Apprentices at Holiday Resort Unity / Brean Leisure Park

Apprenticeships are integral to the success of Holiday Resort Unity and Brean Leisure Park, two premier destinations on Somerset's picturesque coast. Renowned for exceptional holiday experiences, they also offer apprenticeship programs, nurturing talent and fostering professional development.

With a commitment to skill enhancement and career progression, both establishments offer diverse apprenticeships, empowering individuals on journeys of personal growth. As a result, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to our new apprentices!

Ella joined our team at Brean Play as a Brean Play assistant back in 2022. She started helping in the kitchen as a Kitchen Assistant while working at Brean Play, and this was where she began to realize that she enjoyed working with food. She was already at Weston College, pursuing a course in Hairdressing, which was due to finish this year. She inquired if there was an opportunity to do an apprenticeship with us as a chef. We agreed to this and moved her to our Food & Beverage team. Ella has just enrolled in her course with Weston College and will be working with Neil, our Head Chef at the Country Club.

I asked Ella what she wished to gain from her apprenticeship, and she said she wanted to gain more experience and confidence working with food. She also hopes to attend Chef School and possibly university in the future.

Jesse has been working with our Maintenance team for 4 ½ years. During his time with us, he has acquired a significant amount of driving skills, allowing him to operate tractors and trailers as part of the siting team. However, he expressed a desire to further his skills while continuing to work with us. Jesse was keen on pursuing a career as a plumber, so he approached us about the possibility of undertaking an apprenticeship. Since we maintain close ties with our local colleges, we decided to enroll Jesse in a Level 3 Plumbing and Domestic Heating Technician apprenticeship at Bridgwater College, which he commenced on Monday.

I asked Jesse what he aimed to achieve through his Plumbing apprenticeship, and he mentioned that obtaining his plumbing qualification would assist him in acquiring new skills, which, in turn, would aid in his personal development and advancement within Holiday Resort Unity.



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