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Experience nature's sweetness in Brean with our signature honey

At Holiday Resort Unity & Brean Leisure Park we believe in the extraordinary power of nature and sustainability. That's why we're excited to share with you a delectable secret straight from our own gardens – our signature resort honey, lovingly crafted by our thriving community of bees! The Essence of Sustainability Our honey isn't just delicious; it's a testament to our commitment to the environment. By nurturing three hives of over 30,000 bees right here on our resort, we're not just sweetening your palate; we're also contributing to the conservation of our precious pollinators. 🌻 The Benefits of Honey When you savour a spoonful of our resort honey, you're not only treating your taste buds but also benefiting your health. Here's why:

  • Nutrient-rich: Packed with essential vitamins and minerals, our honey is a natural powerhouse of nutrition.

  • Immune Boost: It can help bolster your immune system and alleviate seasonal allergies.

  • Skin Elixir: Honey's antioxidants can contribute to a healthy, glowing complexion.

  • Natural Sweetener: Use it as a healthier alternative to refined sugar in your recipes.

♻️ A Sustainable Choice: By choosing our resort honey, you're supporting a sustainable ecosystem. Bees play a pivotal role in pollinating plants, which, in turn, sustains agriculture and biodiversity. Your purchase helps us continue our mission of preserving these vital pollinators and their habitats. 💚 Unbeelievable Savings: Treat yourself to the golden elixir of sustainability – our very own resort honey. It's nature's gift to you, thoughtfully cultivated right here on our property. When you enjoy our honey, you're not just indulging in its natural sweetness; you're also contributing to a greener, healthier world. We're delighted to offer our resort honey at a fantastic price – just £6 a pot, or even better, 2 pots for just £10! You can find it in our supermarket, Brean Country Club and Holiday Resort Unity reception. It's not only a taste of nature but a sweet deal you can't resist. You will also be able to enjoy the honey on some of the menu items at Brean Country Club in the very near future. Discover the buzz at Holiday Resort Unity – where sustainability and sweetness meet in every spoonful of honey! 🐝🍯 Our bee hives are just one example of how we are putting substantiality at the heart of what we do. We pledged this year to recycle 50% of our waste which we are on target to do, plus our solar panels on the through of leisure centre that provide enough power to supply 35 houses.



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