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Team Brean Pre-season Team Meeting

Our annual team meeting was recently held to provide an update to the team ahead of the 2020 season kicking off at February half term.

Over 100 team members attended and were introduced to the 2020 season by the company Directors and management team with a video marking what’s new for 2020 including re-branding of some of our catering outlets to new indoor and outdoor play area, pitch enhancements and sports courts.

Also on the agenda was a presentation to run through some important topics such as hand and health hygiene in anticipation in any developments of the corona virus and a talk by our new energy and sustainability co-ordinator on current projects and savings including a 13% energy reduction at Brean Splash & Brean Play over the last 12 months and our current focus to reduce the amount of waste over the next 12 months.

The theme this year for our team being ‘Better together’ to communicate, listen, learn and respect each other to enable us to become better together and work more efficiently.

We discussed our Company values and the importance of a common purpose whereby we all work in the same direction being dedicated to each other to provide a great service. The importance of creating an ‘emotional connection’ to our guests and how this is achieved by watching a short video from the Disney institute and how such guests are more likely to recommend and engage with us in the future.

New #teambrean benefits were introduced including free holidays to a holiday park on the South Coast and two paid volunteering days for team members with one of more years length of service.

The introduction of a ‘Team Brean All Star’ someone who is trained to work in three other departments as well as their own. Finally we explained future development projects over the next 5 -8 years.

At the end of the session followed a first aid refresher and all team members were given a copy of our bespoke team health and well-being leaflet to take away with them.

It’s a great time to join Team Brean, an award winning family business. Find out more by visiting our dedicated recruitment website or attend our recruitment open day on Saturday 7 March.



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