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Team Brean Charity Challenge raises over £2500

Two of our #teambrean employees have took part in recent charity challenges all for a good cause.

Mike Barsby who has been with us for  11 years took park in a walking marathon. Here's his story. 

'The challenge was to walk 27 miles on a marked route around London. The trek was organised by Discover Adventure and this years theme was Film Locations. Starting near Tower bridge at 7am the route criss crossed the river Thames and took us past many of the famous landmarks of London finishing at Borough Market near the Shard. We decided just to not race along but to keep a steady pace and make time on route to enjoy the sights. My lack of fitness meant I found the afternoon pretty tough especially as persistent rain arrived from Midday but with the encouragement of me younger mates in 'Team Ritz' we made it to the finish at 5.15, swiftly followed by a visit to the Nearest pub! Completing this has encouraged me look at my fitness and for 2019 and i'm going to book and train for mountain trek in Nepal next October!

I took part in this challenge not only to push myself physically but because The Children's Hospice South West do fabulous work supporting families with children that have a limited life span and i have a personal target to try and raise at least £1000 for them every year.

Myself and my two friends Paul and Lewis raised over £1500 between us'

Garry Haines our Security Operations Manager who has been with Team Brean for 11 years completed an abseil challenge. Here's his story. 

'The challenge was to abseil down a 140ft Cliff Face at Uphill Wharf

Why - Heard it on Heart FM "Global Make Some Noise" they were looking for people who wanted to challenge themselves.....ideally someone who hates heights and has not done abseiling before. With a few personal tragedy's at the beginning of 2018 I wanted to do something that would push my boundaries and thought that was me they were describing, it would either cure my fear of heights or reaffirm them, i like to think I am almost cured now.

Also the thought of raising money to help lots of children's charities in the southwest helped me.

How it went - After a nervous, excited and anxious start, and that was just the safety briefing. We took a short but steep walk up the side of the cliff where Heart FM done an audio interview to see how I was feeling? Once we reached the top I completed another interview to see how I was feeling now at the top and looking over the edge.....the views werestunning on a crisp clear sunny morning. There was 5 people who went ahead of me which left me being the last man standing, climbing to the edge of the cliff ready to get my safety rope attached and then clipping on my abseiling rope I got in to position on the edge of the 140ft cliff face. Slowly leaning back in to a 90 degree position and looking down was not a good

sight for someone who hates heights, the instructors was amazing talking me through everything and after 10 mins of saying "no its ok think I will leave" I took the first step back and after 4 steps not only was I abseiling but I was enjoying it! Once at the bottom the sense of achievement and pride was beyond belief........would I do it again...yes. 

How much money your raised?

Currently stands at £1,173.23 but that's going up day by day. I would like to thank everybody that has sponsored me esp. to the tune of this amazing amount!



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