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PROPS named as our 2022 charity

Bristol based charity PROPS has been named as our main charity partner for 2022. PROP's mission is to support adults with learning disabilities to achieve their full potential in the community. They achieve this by providing access to practical learning, skills development and worthwhile, accessible work-based experiences. More information about the work they do can be see in this short video.

Over the Summer we will be fundraising in a series of events with our team members, holiday guests and owners leading up to four of our very own #teambrean employees are embarking on an epic cycle challenge on July 6th. The team will start a 480km cycle trip from Bristol to Bordeaux with other riders completing the whole challenge each over 4 days before enjoying the sights of Bordeaux.

Having completed a similar challenge in 2019 from Bristol - Paris for the NHS Bristol based charity a Above and Beyond energetic foursome are looking forward to getting back in their bikes in 2022 following the postponement of the ride in 2020 & 2021.

Sarah House, Director who is one of those taking part in the cycle challenge commented ‘Each year within the business we raise lots of money for a range of local charity’s through different fundraising events. This is one epic challenge with the extra difficulty anticipated of the Summer heat whilst cycling through France. Although we have completed a similar challenge in the past this is no easy task, back to back cycling and staying injury free is key. Training has recently started, and will last several months but we are really looking forward to raising money for the fantastic PROPS charity. I have now purchased a bike after hiring one for the Paris challenge so as you can tell I wasn’t a seasoned cyclist but I’m always up for a challenge to push your limits and help others’ Other members of the team who also work within the business are Kieran, Sarah’s husband, Ali, Housekeeping Manager and her partner Dave from our maintenance department.

The team are looking to raise over £6000 for the charity over the next few months and are encouraging visitors to the Resort and attractions, suppliers to the business and our team members to help through various fundraising initiatives over the next few months.

An online fundraising page has also been set up here and donations are welcome

The team will keep us up to date of their training and during the challenge.



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