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My university placement year

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

We caught up with Emily who has spent the last 12 months in the business as part of her hospitality degree that she is studying at Plymouth University. 

Let’s see how she got on...

‘When choosing my placement I picked Holiday resort Unity as I wanted to learn more about the hospitality Industry close to home as well as from a family run company rather than a chain. With it being best Holiday Resort within the South west I thought this would be a prime opportunity to full fill my University Placement and learn my trade. My placement started June 2017 and ended in August 2018.  While spending over a year in the company I have worked in reception, reservations, housekeeping, retail, Swimming pool, security, events and Food & Beverage. Within each department the managers taught me all about their department and I got to work along the side of the team members. Going from department to department worried me as It is hard to enter a working team, however every department was welcoming and I have made some long term friends from doing so.

Even though I fully enjoyed each department reception did end up being my favourite. Before doing my Placement I had never worked in this environment before, but I have realised that I enjoy what the work Intel’s and my skills match the job. I have also made a very close work team within the reception who all support and help each other making it a nice environment to work in. During my Placement I was given the opportunity to work along the side of the Directors and an event planner in planning for the upcoming Golf House and event rooms, this was one of the biggest highlights of my placement. All of the team at Holiday resort unity and Brean leisure are all friendly and welcoming to everyone creating a good work atmosphere.

Now that my placement is over and I will be leaving HRU to go back to University to finish my final year and graduate finishing my degree. For my future after graduation I hope to go into the events side of leisure and hospitality, with my placement and my degree I feel as if this is the industry for me.  If I had to sum up the leisure Industry in 3 words I would use, Hard , Rewarding and challenging (in the best way).’

We have a placement position available for 2019. If you are interested please email Teresa at



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