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Lockdown 2.0 the blog

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

The gates are closed and it is eerily quiet on Resort as we are closed for lockdown 2. A second lockdown was inevitable as the virus rates across the Country were on the rise, but it still came as a shock just when we had adapted to a new way of working across the Summer months and after a COVID adapted Halloween half term week. Whilst we have closed down areas before for lockdown 1, this time being Winter extra attention was needed for any potential frost damage. Some areas of the business would have naturally been closing for the season whereas other areas such as the Holiday Resort the season has been cut short. There is currently no golf, weddings, swimming, gym, dining or indoor play whilst these areas are temporarily closed under government instruction. Stock levels have been reduced, deep cleaning completed and a various amount of shut down tasks completed to protect and secure areas over the next few weeks. Our marketing team have produced a film to thank all of our loyal and new guests that visited this year.

Where areas that would usually be operating are forced to close we are able to take advantage of the extended furlough scheme. In other areas we are completely essential maintenance that is usually completed this time of year whilst minimising unnecessary costs in what is usually our slower trading period. Our reduced on resort team are working to COVID secure procedures with social distancing, hand hygiene and increased cleaning continuing to be the main focus. Our business has changed for current times and we have tried our best to offer a safe and enjoyable experience for our guests and team members during 2020. Like other holiday destinations and attractions we look forward to the future and hopefully a closer return to normal in 2021. Our festive menu for December is ready to go at Brean Country Club including festive lunch, dinner, afternoon tea with some selected dates that Father Christmas will be present. We await any further guidance and announcements from the government. For now we are closed to play out part in helping to protect the Nation.



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