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10 Fun Facts about #TeamBrean

1. We are a 3rd generation family business

2. We have several team members who are brother and sister/ father and son, mother/father & daughter so we really do have posts to cater for everyone!

3. Over £10,000 has been saved by team members on our employee benefits program Perkbox.

4. We have been trading as a family business for over 70 years.

5. RJ's our entertainments complex is the initials of our managing director Richard.

6. Years ago we were a dairy farm that diversified into camping holidays, golf and the visitor attractions that are in place today.

7. Unity bowl arcade & ten bin bowling used to be our dairy cows milking shed.

8. Sunshine farm is our animal petting area where our mascots Huey, Sally, Buster piglet & Cecil the wolf live.

9. We have several examples of team members who started off working here as a holiday job that are now team members, team leaders & managers.

10. We employ up to 250 team members and 1/2 of our team have worked for the business for 5 or more years

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